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  • crossconnect4u
    Oct 9

    Compiled notes about quick fixes and bugs in 1.5 beta (Syntax Error Party Edition): This is a beta version of Amibian 1.5. Work in progress... - No Pi 4. No Pi 3A+ No Pi 3B+...Yet... Works on Pi 3 and likely most earlier Editions: 512MB versions may cause problems. This beta version will not be update-able. The emulator however is. There are a few bugs on there, but no lethal ones 😉 Most annoying one is that USB flash drives don't work (mount) as is to copy files. - To fix: sudo nano /lib/systemd/system/systemd-udevd.service - Change MountFlags=slave to MountFlags=shared - Save and Reboot. Path of 1st USB Drive will likely be /media/usb0/, (not /mnt/Volume ID as in 1.4) Files will go in /home/Amibian/amiga-files/ (not /root/ like 1.4) - Seems to forget ROM File used in config. Have to re-attach every time you reload the emulator or a profile. - There may be an issue remembering exact paths of files (ROMs, Floppies, HDDs) (This turned out to be a corruption issue; after re-imaging it remembered settings) - Directories may fail to allow writing. recommend use sudo when launching files: i.e. > sudo mc, or > sudo chmod -R 777 [path of HDD files tree you want to be able to write to: +RWX] > sudo raspiconf etc etc... - Copies in mc seem to stall...very bad!! Not just in Amibian... Think this may be my hardware issue. SD card Corruption is common for me right now...both emu and hdf files. - Keyboard quirk with X and P. There was a setting fix to turn off bug ( forums / facebook) - Keyboard bug: the "p"= p2 and x = "x + CR" is another issue - [find forum /FB fix link] Good things: - I had some luck with RTG . >DBLPAL (640x512), 800x600, 720p, 1080p Noted Picasso96 has uaegfx awareness. ( OS 3.9 does too; has device in devs/monitors - Still working on easy answers and process / explanation for implementing RTG. It has been quirky and I do not fully understand yet. - Both ClassicWB and AmigaSYS 4 (A1200, A4000, and Amiga Forever Editions) work , with web browsing. (FTP and other net protocols like FTP and IRC may have issues. Still to play with TCP stacks and look at my systems that work... I have 4 ways to emulate available. - Was able to get WiFI AND Bluetooth both working . (Internal WiFi, BT Mouse and Apple Wireless BT Keyboard this go around) no more yanking my Pi off the table! WiFi: (set country in raspiconf, edit SSID and key by typing wifi) (may not need sudo here) - before my devices staarted acting up it worked great!! Having write errors have new PSU on the way+ paying more attention to cooling. BT: what i did was -similar- bluetooth capability installed in 1.5b but may need to be turned on, I also scanned for device IDs. sudo hciconfig / sudo hcitool scan <-- (all i did... here...) Other notes for later... in the [bluetooth]# type agent on followed by default-agent / To pair type pair xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx where xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is your BD address of the device you want to pair / Next type trust xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Resatarting my 1.5 image due to corruption. Thus these notes... want BT & USB.
  • marcel_smeding
    Oct 12

    I'm trying to install amibian 1.4 on my raspberry pi 4B, it seems this is not compatible with eachother. Or am i doing something wrong?
  • crossconnect4u
    a day ago

    While looking through troubleshooting stuff for SD card problems I stumbled across this page and found out something new. You can boot your Pi from USB, but it appears to be a one way deal and permanent. I remember earlier there was a way to boot from the SD and switch to USB. I may go that route if my read/write problems don't stop. See link below:
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