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Mar 31, 2018

The Future of Amibian...?!


Hi Gunnar,

first i'd like to say that i appreciate all the hard work that has been put into Amibian by

you and the testers. We can't be thankful enough for Amibian!


Recently i was thinking about what to do with my 2 Raspi Pie 3's and

it came to my mind that one Raspi should be a fully fledged recalbox for all the Console/Arcade stuff and the 2nd Pi should be a fully Fledged Retro Computer

in a FUZE Case just booting up into the systems (with no games) and i put Amibian on it...


That's when i asked myself: "Is there a Distro anywhere in the world where one can simply choose his favorite Computer System and boot right into it?" And the answer was:

"Amibian". Well, sort of...


Amibian can boot into Amiga, C64, ZX Spectrum and ScummVM, right now.

But Gunnar, this is a chance that comes once in a lifetime!


How about expanding Amibian (in the distant future) to a full Retro Computing Platform?

What i like to see (or others, too?), would be Amiga/Atari ST, C64/Amstrad CPC/Atari 800XL and DOSBox in one Package and then slowly expanding upon that.


A dream would be to have - let's say an "Emulation Station" with these systems to be selected with the arrow keys/Joypad and upon pressing <Enter> it would boot right into the selected system. In the Options one could select a system to boot directly into or boot into the menu.


So, i know this is all a pretty far fetched dream and it's just an edgy sketch of what Amibian COULD be in the future, but i felt the need to post this vision here.


Why? Because NOBODY! (AFAIK) has ever done that for the Raspi. There is no Retro Computing Platform/Distro for it. All that exists are pre-build images for Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, C64 and a few others. But let's face it: What we really need is to put all Computers into ONE SINGLE CONVIENIENT to handle DISTRO. Nobody likes to play DJ on changing microSD-Cards these days.


We need some sort of "RetroPie/recalbox"-Project but JUST FOR OUR BELOVED COMPUTER SYSTEMS!


So what are your thoughts on this topic Gunnar? Do you believe it could be done in the distant future? Maybe with more help from the community out there?

Or do you know anyone who's working on this? Maybe i have overlooked something?


Thanks for readling this looong post.



Apr 2, 2018

Aren't you just describing retropi ? I havnt tryed retropi so I'm not sure.

Apr 2, 2018

No... RetroPie is for launching Games (ROMs) from a gazillion systems. Just for playing Arcade/Console stuff. I know that it supports Computers, too but that's not what i'm talking about.

What i mean is that we need to combine all Distros with Computer Emulators into one.

That Distro would bring up a menu (just like in Combian64 2.7) and the user selects it's favourite Computer System. Just like Amibian but with more Emulators!

Apr 6, 2018

Please don't, there is plenty of images emulating all kinds of systems in the one setup. Stay with Amiga emulation, and i do like the addition of C64 but keeping that as a addon is preferable.


And wizzel retropie is what you'r talking about, or lakka and some more i dont remember the name of, just add the roms for the systems you would like to pop up in the menu. Just add roms for the computer type emulators and you'r all set.

Apr 7, 2018

Puh..., what can i say to describe it right... I'm NOT talking about RetroPie. RetroPie is for launching ROMs/Games and NOT for booting up DIRECTLY into Computer Systems.


I know that you could only add your favourite Systems to RetroPie, but then again you need to select a ROM/Game and that's not what i want. I want to boot into each Computers GUI (GEM/Basic/Amiga OS etc.).


What I don't want is another "select your rom to play a game" system. But i do want something like Amibian with more added Computer Emulators and maybe a bit more fancy GUI (not the average text menu). I know this can be achieved with Emulation Station, but technically i don't know how to do that.


I'm planning to buy the only "Computer Case" for the Raspi and have it running such a Distro.

Take a look here:


All Distros that i know of are just for selecting and playing Games, except Amibian/Combian.

And i'm also aware that this could be done with Raspbian Stretch, too, but i'm talking about something

that looks and feels like Emulation Station.


@Gunnar: Maybe you could start by ripping off Combians Text GUI? It's a bit more sorted ;)



Apr 7, 2018

It was a plan to use the combian menu system, since combian is made from amibian and the maker of it is my friend. But honestly I like the menu as it is, reminds me of the old days.

Apr 7, 2018

I'm totally fine with the menu and if you don't want to change it. As long as you keep updating/adding new Emulators to Amibian the menu won't be a big deal.


Thanks again Gunnar for creating Amibian. Without it, the Pi-World wouldn't be the same!

Apr 7, 2018

I get exactly what you mean :). You dont have to start emulators right into a game with retropie, a few scripts and you could get exactly what you want, i DONT see this as the future of Amibian, Amiga is the future of Amibian :) And i hope Gunnar feels the same ;). Either way i've been longing for building a dist for RPi for awhile, we could do a collab and do something with Emustation if you want?

Apr 7, 2018

Yes, i'd love to do that little "Retro Computer Distro"-thing in EmulationStation, but i don't know any internals of how to setup these scripts etc. Maybe you have some links for first-timers like me on how to setup some basic stuff in EmuStation? RetroPie isn't my cup of tea, but i know that it's the only Distro to make it happen (at least if you want a nice GUI, right?).

Apr 7, 2018

We should continue this discussion elsewhere, as it ain't really about Amibian anymore!, i'm more of a programmer/designer, graphics isnt my strong side at all. And if we should go about this we would need some custom graphics, using available retropie art just wont cut it. How are you with artsy skills?


And best way to learn, i would say look at how others have done :).

Apr 7, 2018Edited: Apr 7, 2018

Yes, i have some basic Photoshop skills and a little bit of VB6. Scripts and .BATches nothing new to me, either. Built my own recalbox-collection, so... you have the coding skills, let's give it a try. Can i PM you? (Can't find a way of doing so at this board??)

Apr 9, 2018

Have a look at ChameleonPI, it is a classic computer dist, i might update Chameleon and add uae4arm instead of compiling a new dist.

Apr 9, 2018

Just took a peek into ChameleonPi and i think it's a nice piece of work. There are 14 Computers to boot into, but 4 at least that only start with a chosen ROM file (file requester). The Project is old and we can for sure say it's somehow "abandoned". It's a good example of how this needs to be ported over to Raspbian Stretch. Despite the good ideas that lie beneath the project, there are a few issues:


1. The menu is python-based

2. The emulators are outdated

3. Configuring it is not very user friendly

4. Not compatible with the new B+


Although i read the documentation, i'm still too dumb to update the distro or the emus.

All this SSH/Samba Share sh*t makes me mad. RetroPie does it much simpler with just entering your Wifi conf. or use USB.


But knowing this was initially created for the Pi 1, it's simply amazing for it's time.

Maybe some day somebody ports this thing over to Raspian Stretch and EmulationStation/RetroArch.

And if one decides to do so, please take out the Arcade/Console emus. There's nothing better than recalbox or RetroPie for that purpose.


Your idea to put uae4arm into it is, let's say - not a good one. It makes no sense to throw new emus into and old distro (IMHO). That's why i opened this thread, hoped Gunnar and the community could develop

this thing (Chameleon? 1.0) in a more modern interpretation.

Apr 10, 2018

Hi again, whats the problem exactly with a python gui?, i think it looks great and runs fine.


I have allready started to upgrade/porting chamaleonpi to stretch and, are updating the emulators and removing console emulators. also writing a small script to easily update the emulators later on from source.


I had before i stumbled upon chameleon started working on a small stretch install with emulationstation as gui, but i actually like chameloens simplistic gui more.

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    Compiled notes about quick fixes and bugs in 1.5 beta (Syntax Error Party Edition): This is a beta version of Amibian 1.5. Work in progress... - No Pi 4. No Pi 3A+ No Pi 3B+...Yet... Works on Pi 3 and likely most earlier Editions: 512MB versions may cause problems. This beta version will not be update-able. The emulator however is. There are a few bugs on there, but no lethal ones 😉 Most annoying one is that USB flash drives don't work (mount) as is to copy files. - To fix: sudo nano /lib/systemd/system/systemd-udevd.service - Change MountFlags=slave to MountFlags=shared - Save and Reboot. Path of 1st USB Drive will likely be /media/usb0/, (not /mnt/Volume ID as in 1.4) Files will go in /home/Amibian/amiga-files/ (not /root/ like 1.4) - Seems to forget ROM File used in config. Have to re-attach every time you reload the emulator or a profile. - There may be an issue remembering exact paths of files (ROMs, Floppies, HDDs) (This turned out to be a corruption issue; after re-imaging it remembered settings) - Directories may fail to allow writing. recommend use sudo when launching files: i.e. > sudo mc, or > sudo chmod -R 777 [path of HDD files tree you want to be able to write to: +RWX] > sudo raspiconf etc etc... - Copies in mc seem to stall...very bad!! Not just in Amibian... Think this may be my hardware issue. SD card Corruption is common for me right now...both emu and hdf files. - Keyboard quirk with X and P. There was a setting fix to turn off bug ( forums / facebook) - Keyboard bug: the "p"= p2 and x = "x + CR" is another issue - [find forum /FB fix link] Good things: - I had some luck with RTG . >DBLPAL (640x512), 800x600, 720p, 1080p Noted Picasso96 has uaegfx awareness. ( OS 3.9 does too; has device in devs/monitors - Still working on easy answers and process / explanation for implementing RTG. It has been quirky and I do not fully understand yet. - Both ClassicWB and AmigaSYS 4 (A1200, A4000, and Amiga Forever Editions) work , with web browsing. (FTP and other net protocols like FTP and IRC may have issues. Still to play with TCP stacks and look at my systems that work... I have 4 ways to emulate available. - Was able to get WiFI AND Bluetooth both working . (Internal WiFi, BT Mouse and Apple Wireless BT Keyboard this go around) no more yanking my Pi off the table! WiFi: (set country in raspiconf, edit SSID and key by typing wifi) (may not need sudo here) - before my devices staarted acting up it worked great!! Having write errors have new PSU on the way+ paying more attention to cooling. BT: what i did was -similar- bluetooth capability installed in 1.5b but may need to be turned on, I also scanned for device IDs. sudo hciconfig / sudo hcitool scan <-- (all i did... here...) Other notes for later... in the [bluetooth]# type agent on followed by default-agent / To pair type pair xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx where xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is your BD address of the device you want to pair / Next type trust xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Resatarting my 1.5 image due to corruption. Thus these notes... want BT & USB.
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    I'm trying to install amibian 1.4 on my raspberry pi 4B, it seems this is not compatible with eachother. Or am i doing something wrong?
  • crossconnect4u
    Oct 6

    Having gotten a little frustrated with networking and reliability for the moment, I decided to look deeper into AmigaSYS4. I was able to download and install a custom Workbench with AmigaSYS4 in Amiga Forever 8 (AF 8) which i have had a bit of success with, getting on the internet with Amibian 1.4. I also had some luck getting High Resolution (800x600, VGA, 720p, 1080p etc.) under Amibian 1.5 beta and FS-UAE on Raspberry Pi 4. I have since noticed while installing Amiga OS 3.9 on AF that it creates a monitor for UAEGFX and includes a Picasso96 install which is also UAE Aware. I will be looking into that deeper soon... So today I have been playing with AmigaSYS ( designed to get you a highly functional 1200 or 4000 quickly. I am about to start trying it on Amibian Beta. For someone looking for an EASY way to set up and play with workbench 3 that has been customized and enhanced, AmigaSYS seems to be the most comfortable and simple winner. It looks like it was produced around the time of Amiga Forever 5 & 6. Not only does it take all the work out of having to learn a lot about Workbench to install and make it , but it also plays music while installing and references other websites to visit, and produces some nice splash screens.. I did a screen capture during install. It gets 10/10 for easy. Too early to tell but i am betting on a high score for usability as well. Plan on this for "I want an easy way to experience workbench without all the work to set it up." or a very easy and comprehensive "Quick Start" A1200 / A4000. Was able to get on the Web with Amibian 1.4 it but so far has had SSL deficiency. Will need to install a current AmiSSL on it for better web usability if internet surfing is intended. Other Alternatives: ClassicWB. More configurations, options, confusion during install (no screenshots of "what does this option do - or look like?), but good to set up and better as a gaming system or more complex daily use Amiga Workbench system. Better if you are willing to learn and read more, and do some configuring and building of your environment. Overall: Lots more options, more confusing, and no frills during install. Nice outcome though. May be preferable for gamers due to scripting /system for adding multiple WHDLoads and multiple library front ends. Both are a substantial upgrade from a standard workbench install. Both projects demonstrate a lot of work to save you a lot of time figuring things out. They will both be instrumental in preserving the Amiga legacy by getting new people started and old folks up and running faster (Like me - but i will dig and learn & hack too - I have done all along with A1200, A600, A500, and CDTVs.). Which Download? If you download the beginner pack ( 40MB expands to 100MB hard disk file or .hdf ) you get a .hdf and instructions. You boot the hardfile and insert 1-2 WB 3 floppies (AF = Amiga Forever produced Amiga Disk File or .adf), choose Magic Workbench Icons or New Icons (more resource hungry) and a couple options and you are on the way. If you download the advanced pack you get an archive with the raw files to extract on an existing Amiga Filesystem. (have not used yet and presume you manually copy the files from your Workbench disk and presume it may be customized less...leaving you to customize according to your own preferences) The ISO (155MB) appears to have has everything. Files + HDF + instructions. Screen Shots: AmigaSYS with Magic Workbench icons 64 colors w/ DBLPAL video mode AmigaSYS with New Icons 64 colors w/ PAL video mode 640 x 256 AmigaSYS with New Icons 64 colors w/ DBLPAL video mode 640 x 512 (Interlaced/Fixed - use "Double" option under video settings in emulator) Notice selection menu cuts off 1/2 way down, this is the difference between non and interlaced resolutions. Classic Workbench: Re-Gen appearance (Also has Classic and Retro Gaming options) (The -Other- Amiga Preinstalled Environment) I will play with these tonight under Amibian 1.5b (Maybe 1.4 too) and post my findings... A4000 8M base mem, 2 M Chip, 16 M ZIII, 64M Video RAM, ClassicWB UAE P96 v28 fresh load. Set screen at 1920 x 1080p. Amibian 1.5 Beta AmigaMax
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