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Jul 15

ADF Creation


Back in the day when the Amiga was king, I used to swap demo's and the like on a regular basis, I'm waiting till I can get a Raspberry PI 4 that I can cool properly and with a new designed case, anyways, because I have some 400+ disc I find myself wanting to convert these to ADF, but I'm not sure how to go about this, can anybody shed light on this fact.

Jul 23

Sadly, there's 3 ways that are all kind of a pain:

1. Get yourself a real Amiga and rip the disks

2. Get an older Windows machine (Windows XP) that supports floppy drives, or get one of the older disk adapter things that will emulate true Amiga drive capabilities.

3. Get an ARMiga (ARM-designed FPGA) that has the floppy drive attached. This one would probably be the easiest, as when you pop the disk in, it supposedly rips the disk right away. This would probably be the most "automated" of processes.


Either way, Since Amibian is linux-based, even if you try to jury-rig something together to connect a real Amiga floppy drive to the system, it still will most likely not be able to mount/read the Amiga floppy drive. That being the case, normal PC's do not support the Amiga floppy standard, so you can't really rip the disks without buying something custom to do it (and that hardware is pretty hard to find for a decent price nowadays).


If you are looking to just be able to have your library from back in the day, I would just recommend looking up and downloading the already-ripped ADFs of most games. If you have specific disks you need to rip as they have custom files on them, you might want to ask if anyone in the Facebook Amiga forums, or on the Reddit forums would possibly be able to RIP those specific disks for you.

Oct 4

I found my HYBRIS in one of the ClassicWB v28 hard disk images. I have legal and easy to access ROMs and workbench .adf images, and a real HYBRIS disk or 2 around here somewhere, not to mention real Amigas, 64s, +4s, and 2 CDTVs...somehow...

New Posts
  • crossconnect4u
    a day ago

    While looking through troubleshooting stuff for SD card problems I stumbled across this page and found out something new. You can boot your Pi from USB, but it appears to be a one way deal and permanent. I remember earlier there was a way to boot from the SD and switch to USB. I may go that route if my read/write problems don't stop. See link below:
  • dlma71ny
    Sep 20

    Amibian 1.4 doesn't work on RPi 3A+. Has anyone been able to get it working? Thanks in advance!
  • thorsteinsson
    Sep 12

    Hello there. Apologies if this has been asked before. I intend to purchase a Raspberry Pi purely for Amiga emulation, and was wondering if there are any benefits to getting a Pi 4 in terms of performance? Perhaps less lag or something similar? I am aware that there aren't many builds for the Pi 4 just yet. Thanks.
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