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Jul 14, 2017

Ambian Laptop?


I saw a Youtube video about Ambian on my way home yesterday and it got me thinking. Would it be possible to buy a pi-top ( and make a laptop computer with Ambian running a full Amiga Workbench? I know it wouldn't be super practical, but I think it would be fun and they also sell speakers you could add to provide you with stereo sound built into the laptop.

The Dorkside
Jul 26, 2017Edited: Jul 26, 2017

The thing is, you could potentially install any light weight linux distribution as well as UAE on a laptop. Sure, it would probably not boot as fast as amibian (as long as you're not a linux guru) and would probably require some linux tinkering to set it up. But the benefits would be great. You could potentially buy a super cheap and sexy intel atom ultrabook with great battery-life and sole purpose of being an Amiga emulation machine. :)


Something like this:


I would love to see a x86 version of amibian myself, that would breath new life into a couple of old laptops I have. :) (i unfortunately don't have the time for linux tinkering anymore)



Sep 5, 2017

there is a guide how to setup amibian in a pitop. google will show you the way :)

Oct 5, 2018Edited: Oct 5, 2018

Additionally, for the x86 version, I believe they have RetroPie builds for x86 that you could set up to do what you wanted. Additionally, there's Icaros Desktop:

As far as I've seen, it's free. And it has AmiBridge to support running all your Amiga software. Might be an option if you want to breathe life into your old laptops... :)

New Posts
  • crossconnect4u
    a day ago

    While looking through troubleshooting stuff for SD card problems I stumbled across this page and found out something new. You can boot your Pi from USB, but it appears to be a one way deal and permanent. I remember earlier there was a way to boot from the SD and switch to USB. I may go that route if my read/write problems don't stop. See link below:
  • dlma71ny
    Sep 20

    Amibian 1.4 doesn't work on RPi 3A+. Has anyone been able to get it working? Thanks in advance!
  • thorsteinsson
    Sep 12

    Hello there. Apologies if this has been asked before. I intend to purchase a Raspberry Pi purely for Amiga emulation, and was wondering if there are any benefits to getting a Pi 4 in terms of performance? Perhaps less lag or something similar? I am aware that there aren't many builds for the Pi 4 just yet. Thanks.
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