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Sep 9, 2018

Amibian 1.4 configurations are blank


I've installed Amibian 1.4 twice now, following along with various videos, but unlike in the videos, when I go to the the "Configurations" menu, I am presented with config0 through config9 instead of various models of Amigas.

What happened? How do I configure one of these configurations to be a particular model of Amiga?

Sep 20, 2018

You'll have to go through the settings and create a configuration based on what you want. You also will need to supply your own Kickstart files (like BIOS in Windows or other gaming PCs), since those are not open-source. I would say check tutorials for how to set one up yourself. Any tutorials on Win-UAE for the most part should help you. The Amibian build supports buildouts for everything from 1.0 to 3.5 (3.9 unofficial as well) AmigaOS, but you have to build out the system how you want it as there were so many different options.

Sep 20, 2018

All the tutorials I was able to find guide you to configurations, where they were already populated, and then direct you to select one. Now that they are blank I need to know how to populate one. Not knowing anything about models of Amigas means I am looking for the information to populate them. Even something as simple as the previous configurations that were in previous releases would help.

Sep 21, 2018

@john You can Google the Specs for the specific model you are trying to emulate: I.e. If you are building an Amiga 500, you would build Processor: 68000/68010 chipset Speed: 7Mhz RAM: 512k - 1024k (I recommend the 1024) Graphics: ECS Kickstart: 1.0 to 1.3 etc... I found the info here: If you don't have it already, I would say pick up Amiga Forever as that's really the only way to get legal copies of the Kickstart ROMs for all of the builds up to 3.1 From there, you can google for the OS floppies if you want to actually install the OS (I recommend it, it's pretty cool). This guy's page helped me do that:


To make it easier, since I still have the image before the latest with the older config files, I have uploaded the files to my Google Drive Share. Hope this helps (I even have a decent config set up for a custom ClassicWB build using 3.1 versions. You would have to install your own of course. My Google Drive:



Hope this helps!

Oct 3, 2018

@john Since I want to build out my Amibian box to allow for multiple systems, I am building a spreadsheet with all of the Specs from as many of the Amiga systems as I can find.

From there, you can just set your model to match the hardware specs in Amibian (for the most part). I am using the Wiki pages for the info, so if you don't want to wait for the spreadsheet to have it all in one place, you can find the Wiki Pages. Examples: Amiga 1000: Amiga 2000: Amiga 500: Amiga 1200:


Those should help out if you want to work on a custom config since the others were purged.

Oct 4, 2018

Thanks. Still seems to be the default install should have included at least one basic working model to get you started more quickly. Each of the above four above would have made perfect sense, You can always change them as needed, but coming up blank means you always have to,

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