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Jun 23

Hardfile problems


I created a new Hardfile with the emulator. I mounted the hardfile as UAE and as IDE drive but HDToolBox can‘t find a Harddrive and no harddrive shows on the workbench screen


Jul 21

You probably need to modify the icon tooltype for HDtoolbox. Edit the icon properties -change scsi.device to uaehf.device make sure you hit enter before saving.

Pretty old post, so you may have already fixed this.

Oct 3

I was able to just select the drive and format it from the Icon menu. I am not partitioning them.

UAE seems to even boot from them so far. I have yet to need to use HDToolbox with disk images at all. (.hdf files) although the information above seems relevent if i wanted to partition them. I also used and created some of them in Amiga Forever.


Oct 14

need to know if VHD can be installed on amibian if so how as vhd is not see in amiga files/hdd

Oct 14Edited: Oct 14

I have a vhd but have not used it lately. i do believe that there is a converters out there in Linux and I believe for windows that will convert a VHD. to a hdf. 1.5 when it comes out will have raspbian desktop as well... might make it easier...have not yet found PC converter...but...


Also looks like FS-UAE supports VHD files so could attach 1 of each in Raspbian under FS-UAE (I use on my Pi 4) and copy contents from one to the other as well... might have to boot my Pi 4 to have a look at my vhd to see what is on it... may have pulled from a CD I made years ago. Also getting an itch to pull up my Amiga 600 and 1200 and boot them lately... gotta find Amiga power supplies.

New Posts
  • ralfmikuteit
    Oct 2

    Hello, When i installed AMibian to SD, The Rasperry 4 is not booting. What can i do?
  • raoulangel
    Sep 28

    Hi! I've written about this before but I think I have been dancing around the issue.. to be more specific... I would like to emulate an Amiga 2000, with the ability to use Video Toaster and run Lightwave. (That probably isn't emulated yet but I want the config to have the ability) Obviously 640 x 400 is not the resolution for that, and I have seen much better. How do I do this? Does anyone have an image configured I could use? Thanks!
  • raoulangel
    Oct 2

    Using Amibian, I can't seem to get anything better than 640x480 256.. I know its capable of better, and I installed Picasso96 from the OS disk, but the settings aren't forthcoming.. ANyone know how to get 800x600 or 1024x768 high colors?
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