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Apr 9

How to start Amibian from USB



i try to start Amibian from USB-Stick on a Raspberry Pi 3b+. I changed the the command root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 to root=/dev/sda2 from cmdline.txt.

If i now try to boot from usb-stick then i get the bootpic and then it hangs up.

If i press "enter" on keyboard then i get the message:

map: vt01 => fd0


and nothing happens anymore.


What do i change to get Amibian start from an usb-stick?


New Posts
  • ralfmikuteit
    Oct 2

    Hello, When i installed AMibian to SD, The Rasperry 4 is not booting. What can i do?
  • tc.bednarz
    Oct 14

    I created a new Hardfile with the emulator. I mounted the hardfile as UAE and as IDE drive but HDToolBox can‘t find a Harddrive and no harddrive shows on the workbench screen
  • raoulangel
    Sep 28

    Hi! I've written about this before but I think I have been dancing around the issue.. to be more specific... I would like to emulate an Amiga 2000, with the ability to use Video Toaster and run Lightwave. (That probably isn't emulated yet but I want the config to have the ability) Obviously 640 x 400 is not the resolution for that, and I have seen much better. How do I do this? Does anyone have an image configured I could use? Thanks!
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