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May 16

ISOs on Amibian and OS 3.9


I thought I posted this earlier. I need some guidance, I have Amibian running OS 3.9 on my RPI 3b+, however I still cannot get the CD images to come up in workbench. I was told that CDs are supported in OS 3.9, however all my efforts to mount an ISO aren't working. Is there a step-by-step for this specific process?

Sep 12

Sadly, Amibian doesn't seem to work properly with ISO mounting (I believe Gunnar is fixing this in Amibian 1.5) What I have had luck with is running 3.9 in UAE on Windows, making a new HDF, and ripping the ISO to that HDF file, then copying that HDF over to the Amibian RPi and mounting it there. As long as you name the HDF the same name as the ISO is named in UAE when mounted (i.e. if the mounted ISO shows up as "GAMEDISK" in Workbench, then name the mounted HDF inside 3.9 as "GAMEDISK"). I had to do this when installing 3.9 over my 3.1 build and couldn't get it working. If you are trying to do this for a game that was on CD, you might want to copy your Workbench 3.9 HDF over to a PC and set up a WHDLoad setup for that game if it's supported, then copy the 3.9 HDF back over to the RPi after the game is installed and tested to work.

Oct 2Edited: Oct 2

I have tried mounting CDs even in the 1.5 beta as well. Still not working. The Idea above using a HDF with CD contents is a good idea. I could copy CD images to a hardfile (.hdf created in UAE or Amiga Forever.) Also there is a commodity called AssignX and newer AssignP and AssignZ that will prompt you when an invalid volume/partition call is made and will allow you to assign it on the fly. ( If you want it to show the assign on every boot, I recommend adding an assign command in the s:user-startup file with C:Ed (edit / notepad program for Amiga.) For single use you could issue assign command from the shell / command line: assign [new volume] [location] i.e.: assign CUCD: Work:images/CUCD5


- AmigaMax


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