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Aug 30

Rasperry Pie 4 4gb & Amibian



When i installed AMibian to SD, The Rasperry 4 is not booting. What can i do?


Sep 12

Amibian 1.4.1001 does not support the Raspberry Pi 4. Gunnar is working on a new Amibian 1.5 that will include RPi 4 support, but he just started working on the RPi4 support on September 6th. I would recommend keeping an eye on the Amibian Facebook page for updates since Gunnar is notorious for not responding on the forums in the past few years due to a very busy schedule.

Oct 2Edited: Oct 3

As of the 1.5 beta party release, the Pi 4 is not yet supported. It seems Pi 3A+ is surprisingly also not working yet. Works fine on 3B with UAEGFX. This is known problem and work is in progress as of Sept 30, 2019. You can install and use FS-UAE on Raspbian desktop to get by in the mean time while waiting... > sudo apt-get install FS-UAE or install from built in software installer.

New Posts
  • tc.bednarz
    Oct 14

    I created a new Hardfile with the emulator. I mounted the hardfile as UAE and as IDE drive but HDToolBox can‘t find a Harddrive and no harddrive shows on the workbench screen
  • raoulangel
    Sep 28

    Hi! I've written about this before but I think I have been dancing around the issue.. to be more specific... I would like to emulate an Amiga 2000, with the ability to use Video Toaster and run Lightwave. (That probably isn't emulated yet but I want the config to have the ability) Obviously 640 x 400 is not the resolution for that, and I have seen much better. How do I do this? Does anyone have an image configured I could use? Thanks!
  • raoulangel
    Oct 2

    Using Amibian, I can't seem to get anything better than 640x480 256.. I know its capable of better, and I installed Picasso96 from the OS disk, but the settings aren't forthcoming.. ANyone know how to get 800x600 or 1024x768 high colors?
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