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Jun 21, 2018

SSH password?

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Edited: Jun 21, 2018

Hi all,

what a pure joy this Pi with Amibian! Thanks so much for putting your efforts into this package.

What are the default credentials to SSH into the Pi? I can't get through from OSX's terminal. I've tried several of the classic passwords, to no avail.


EDIT: also, when I go to raspi-config to change user "pi"'s password, I get an error message "There was an error running option 1 Change User Password". Why is it so?

Mar 22Edited: Mar 22

I'm guessing you found the answer, but just in case (as well as for general knowledge): When you exit the Amibian emulator and go out to the CLI, at the bottom the system tells you the login info: user: root host: amibian password: 1234 That being the case, if you SSH into the system, the Amibian client will automatically load back into the emulator and on your remote SSH machine you will see a blank screen. The only way to get SSH to work is to exit the emulator, and when you get back out to CLI the remote SSH machine will then get the normal Amibian CLI prompt/menu. (Note: This is as of the latest 1.4.1001 version. I believe the root account is the same on the previous build, but the info might not be added to the menu like 1001 was.)

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