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Feb 7

3.1.4 rom not found in Amiberry or UAE4ARM


Edited: Feb 7



Fresh install of Amibian, latest release.


I've created a hdf through WinUAE with ClassicWB + BestWB + Workbench 3.1.4. The problem is Amiberry or UAE4ARM doesn't see the 3.1.4 rom (either in drop down list or manually browsing) - just finds the "normal" 1.3 / 2.05 / 3.1 roms I've dropped in there also. Obviously the hdf wont boot on any other rom (modules.library not found).


On the Amiberry github, they've added the rom to the rommgr.cpp file but running an download/recompile of Amiberry within Amibian doesn't seem to pull the file in.


Any ideas?

Feb 28Edited: Mar 15

Since Amibian has not been updated since before 3.1.4 came out, I am guessing it wouldn't support it (same as Amibian not supporting Cyberstorm or other PPC plugins but support other specific hardware plugins)


EDIT: Apparently I can't read. Since you pulled the latest version of Amiberry, I am wondering if it might be more of a "whitelist" type of thing where the emulator is looking for a specific file.

Mar 15

Additionally, have you tried replacing one of the known-working KS files with the 3.1.4 KS to see if it works?

Mar 15

I fixed it - bit of a daft mistake tbh. The 3.1.4 KS does not have a .rom file extension. Not a problem when using it in WinUAE but looks like Amiberry expects it. I added .rom to the file name and now ok.

Mar 15

Awesome to hear you got it working! Thanks for letting us know. I know eventually I'm going to grab a copy of 3.1.4, so I know this will be helpful for me. I am sure this info will be helpful for others as well :)

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