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Jan 4

Amibian on Raspberry with RGB-Pi / PI2SCART


Edited: Jan 4

Hi there ! :)


I'm using RBG-Pi (GPIO interface with Scart output) to play arcade games on my raspberry, in native resolution, 50Hz.


Anybody already tested this on Amibian ? Does it work ?


I have a closed case for this system and i don't want to break this to test with Amibian. I'll order a new RGBI-Pi only if this work with Amibian :)


Thanks for Help guys.

And... HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you.


I got PI2SCART too but never used.



New Posts
  • crossconnect4u
    a day ago

    While looking through troubleshooting stuff for SD card problems I stumbled across this page and found out something new. You can boot your Pi from USB, but it appears to be a one way deal and permanent. I remember earlier there was a way to boot from the SD and switch to USB. I may go that route if my read/write problems don't stop. See link below:
  • dlma71ny
    Sep 20

    Amibian 1.4 doesn't work on RPi 3A+. Has anyone been able to get it working? Thanks in advance!
  • thorsteinsson
    Sep 12

    Hello there. Apologies if this has been asked before. I intend to purchase a Raspberry Pi purely for Amiga emulation, and was wondering if there are any benefits to getting a Pi 4 in terms of performance? Perhaps less lag or something similar? I am aware that there aren't many builds for the Pi 4 just yet. Thanks.
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