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Sep 15, 2017

I have found some Bugs!


Edited: Sep 15, 2017

1. Problem: Mousewheel is not supported.

I have make a hdf File from my complete OS 3.5 system, with Freewheel and MuiWheel for iGame. Under winuae it works as well, but amibian does not recognize or translate this signal. I hope you can fix it?


2. Problem: No second Mouse Support (in port 1)

I want to play Settlers and i need two Mouses for this. If i connect ja secont Mouse, with my Raspberry, Amibian mount all more Mouses as one Mouse in Port 0 (Nubs as Mouse).


3. Problem: Missing Option for Interlace

Workbench, e.g. OS 3.5 systems, can not emulate in high resolutions because the screen flickers. An emulation of Scandoublers would be good.


4. It would be nice if one can delete or save changes of the configurations "Amiga 500, CD32 & Amiga 1200 BuiltIn" easy ;)


Amibian is very beautiful, I hope it is still supported...(?)

Sep 23, 2017

hey. Amibian is still under development.


thank you for your bug report.


isdue no 1. this is a problem with the emulator itself. I am not maintaining the emulator, just the system that runs it.. Amibian :)


issue no 2. same as no 1.


iissue no3.. need to look into that, the workbench itself can go in very high resolution but some apps get the flicker.


issue no4.. the built in configs are the base systems, can not be changed. but you can edit them as you wish then change the name and save as a new configuration.



Sep 23, 2017

hey again.

issue no3. hires flickering.. try using the frameskip.




Sep 29, 2017

Thank you. With Frameskip, the picture is very indistinct, you can not recognize a font.

The thing with the mouse wheel; Maybe notify the developer ...

Oct 26, 2018

Are you sure the mousewheel problem is with the emulator rather than with whatever mouse driver Linux is using?

New Posts
  • ralfmikuteit
    Oct 2

    Hello, When i installed AMibian to SD, The Rasperry 4 is not booting. What can i do?
  • tc.bednarz
    Oct 14

    I created a new Hardfile with the emulator. I mounted the hardfile as UAE and as IDE drive but HDToolBox can‘t find a Harddrive and no harddrive shows on the workbench screen
  • raoulangel
    Sep 28

    Hi! I've written about this before but I think I have been dancing around the issue.. to be more specific... I would like to emulate an Amiga 2000, with the ability to use Video Toaster and run Lightwave. (That probably isn't emulated yet but I want the config to have the ability) Obviously 640 x 400 is not the resolution for that, and I have seen much better. How do I do this? Does anyone have an image configured I could use? Thanks!
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