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Svladimir Jelly
Oct 15, 2017

Networking via wifi?


Hey! Do I need a tcpip stack with this? I can get wifi to connect outside the emulator, in the blue menu... but once inside Amibian, no dice getting browsers to connect.


Also, will screen doubling be included someday to reduce pal flicker?


Any way to connect a wacom tablet via usb?

And one last thing.. that would make Amibian complete... to be able to use old serial / parallel devices, such as midi addons / sound capture cards / and old amiga peripherials. I assume through the gpio on the pi?


Great project!


Svladimir Jelly
Oct 15, 2017

Oops. Networking sorted!

The serial / parallel device and midi input would make it complete though...

Oct 2Edited: Oct 3

For other readers, you need to quit the emulation. 1. run raspiconfig (see menu) in Amibian shell menu prompt, set wifi country and timezone etc. 2. Type wifi at command prompt, edit in your wifi SSID and wireless password, save (CTRL-O writeout?), exit (CTRL-X?), and reboot. (type reboot or type menu item to reboot/restart) 3. Quit Emulator when it comes up again. At menu, type "Ping" (Google) You should get replies if it worked with replies in ms. (after reboot from step 2) if not, type wifi again and check for errors. (fix and reboot as needed and go back to step 3 again. 4. When successful launch Amiga emulator again, and enable bsdsocket.library in configuration. 5. Point emulator to ROM files copied , hdf files, and start (Save config as needed) and start. If you need to know how to copy hardfiles and ROMS (midnight commander type "mc", use path ../../media/usb0 etc., use tab ans shift) check elsewhere in forums, Amibian page on facebook or on youtube for "Amibian setup" tutorials. I DID NOT HAVE TO INSTALL TCP/IP STACK to make it work, though I had MiamiDX and AmiTCP on standby (would give you ping traceroute, commandline FTP, other net commands etc inside amiga etc.) I was also able to run SimpleFTP and AmiTradeCenter (FTP) without adding the stacks. ( Notable many of the preset sites were out of date. (Not a TCP problem if you can't connect to many of them. they are obsolete links and should be deleted.) Good luck all. Last notes: some users had to in some version copy a couple drivers. Look deeper in this forum or Facebook Page for details. I had no problems except a wifi config typo but i started recently on a PI 3B with 1.4.004 and 1.5b. If your Encryption is WEP you may have to add a modification (Check debian/ubuntu forums) to the /etc/ file (I think) and WPA supplicant files. I have had to do this before with my Pi 2s in the past with USB WiFi dongles. This is a linux thing not Amibian but if you want WEP scecured network connectivity it is relevent nonetheless. I run WPA2 now as it's MUCH easier to config and more secure.


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  • ralfmikuteit
    Oct 2

    Hello, When i installed AMibian to SD, The Rasperry 4 is not booting. What can i do?
  • tc.bednarz
    Oct 14

    I created a new Hardfile with the emulator. I mounted the hardfile as UAE and as IDE drive but HDToolBox can‘t find a Harddrive and no harddrive shows on the workbench screen
  • raoulangel
    Sep 28

    Hi! I've written about this before but I think I have been dancing around the issue.. to be more specific... I would like to emulate an Amiga 2000, with the ability to use Video Toaster and run Lightwave. (That probably isn't emulated yet but I want the config to have the ability) Obviously 640 x 400 is not the resolution for that, and I have seen much better. How do I do this? Does anyone have an image configured I could use? Thanks!
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