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May 4, 2018

Set display resolution


Can someone point me to a good tutorial on how to tweak the screen resolution in Amibian and/or in Workbench? I see these really nice looking desktops in various videos but I can't seem to locate any how to or other documentation...



May 8, 2018

OK - let me come at this another way. I have purchased Amiga Forever Plus edition and now have access to all the associated ROMs and it would seem I need to run a 3.X (as in not 3.9) workbench to get the higher resolution. Again, I cannot seem to find much documentation even on the Amiga Forever site as to how best to set this up. I have found the .rp9 file but cannot seem to locate that version of Workbench. Regular searches - both web and you tube have garnered me nothing. Any thoughts where else I might look?

Sep 21, 2018

Default resolution for games will run at the native resolution: 320×200 (NTSC), 320×256 (PAL)


If you want to run in a native higher resolution, you would probably want to install the 3.1 Workbench to allow for that.


If you don't mind me asking, what is your specific goal? If you are trying to get the graphics to natively be larger, Amibian only seems to support 768X270 (as per the Amibian emulator "Display" tab. If you try to run larger resolutions in the emulated OS, it will most likely scale down to the real resolution. Case in point: I have my Amibian running at 640X256, and ClassicWB (3.1) set to PLA:High Res (640x268). It looks pretty decent. If I want higher, I have to set it to PAL: Super-High Res Laced (1280x536). While I seem to have double the work space, everything gets scaled so I am still only using the actual resolution of 640X256. I've tried going to 640X268 in the Amibian settings, but it never scales right.

Oct 6, 2018

Thanks for the replys and especially for Phalkon13's spreadsheet. To retroactively answer a few questions, initially I only wanted to get it looking better. I have since learned a lot - mostly through trial and error - and have more realistic expectations. I'm not solely focused on games. Alslo since I first posted I am a proud owner of an A1200. Been building it up (and spending waaaayy too much money on ebay). One thing led to another and unless I find some unseen problems I will have 2 functioning 1200s by the end of this week end. Both will function, but at least one will be less than perfect, with scratchy audio and a bit of a problem floppy if I can't fix that as well. Which is why I'm a bit torn. Part of me wants to work on the sub par machine and another part want to use the case to house a Pi and Amibian... I'd love to hear what you think...

Oct 28, 2018

Hello me,


i had the same question in mind when installing Amibian and setting up a Workbench-System.


I still didn't try this Picasso96, that was mentioned in the first answer, but i think this will be a project for the next weeks.



But i played with the different available Screensettings and ended up with this:


in Amibian i set the "Amiga Screen" under "Display" to:


- Width: 640

- Height: 262

V. offset: 0

- Correct Aspect Radio: yes

- Fullscreen: yes

- Line doubling: yes

- Frameskip: no


and then in Workbench i enter "ScreenMode" and adjust the settings to:


- PAL:High Res Laced

- Width: 640

- Height: 512

- Colors: 256


at least this settings worked for me. With this i can install for example the GlowIcons-Set and they look nice and with correct ratio

Oct 28, 2018

I have not tried the picasso stuff yet, either. I have 2 CF cards for my A1200, one with 3.1.4 and one with 3.9. I am running 3.1.4 on Amibian ATM and want to set up a 3.9 on it. Put it in a pi top so now I have an Amiga laptop and having way too much fun... :)

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    a day ago

    While looking through troubleshooting stuff for SD card problems I stumbled across this page and found out something new. You can boot your Pi from USB, but it appears to be a one way deal and permanent. I remember earlier there was a way to boot from the SD and switch to USB. I may go that route if my read/write problems don't stop. See link below:
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    Sep 20

    Amibian 1.4 doesn't work on RPi 3A+. Has anyone been able to get it working? Thanks in advance!
  • thorsteinsson
    Sep 12

    Hello there. Apologies if this has been asked before. I intend to purchase a Raspberry Pi purely for Amiga emulation, and was wondering if there are any benefits to getting a Pi 4 in terms of performance? Perhaps less lag or something similar? I am aware that there aren't many builds for the Pi 4 just yet. Thanks.
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