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Nov 24, 2018

wireless SNES-gamepad configuration problems



i´m a newbie in using the amibian emulator V1.4 on a raspberry Pi 3B+. It looks great, but is is my first contact with a rasperry and i have a, perhaps simple, problem in configuring the joystick-inputs. I´ve got a wireless SNES-gamepad with usb-adapter. I could select the gamepad in the amibian input setup ( I use the amiberry emulator) but diidn´t get manage with the inputs while using the emulator. When I start the amiga-emulator only the red A-buttons works fine as fire-button. And only 2 of the dpad-buttons works with wrong direction. Dpad-left results in an up-direction, dpad-right in a down-direction. I´ve tried the js-test and it shows the following for js0:

YSTEK MICREAL USB gamepad 5 axies 14 buttons

axes 0:-32767(while gamepad is on) 1:0 2:0 3:-32767(for dpad-left) 3:32767 (for dpad-right) 4:-32767 (for dpad-up) 4:32767 (for dpad-down) Buttons on by: 0:A(red) 1:B(yellow) 2:Y(green) 3:X(blue) 4:L 5:R 8:Select 9:Start

how could I get this setup share with the emulator so the gamepad will work either as joystick in port0 or port1 for the amiga?

Hope you could help me und explain me how in simple words how I could get it work.



JuergenH (amiga-fan since 1987).


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